Olcay Tekstil was founded at its current main office in 1965. Our company, which had aimed at proceeding in the retail market , had started production in a very short period of time and gained an identity as a producer, retailer and wholesaler. As we have always had a direct contact with the customers in the retail market, we managed to pass this dynamic structure which responds to customer needs immediately to our wholesale customers and created new trendy designs for them. Our company with the help of these features has become a reputable women's outerwear firm both nationally and internationally.

It has always been very important for us to continue to show the same quality, good service and cordial attitude after the sale.

Fashionable and high quality goods with reasonable prices designed with the most remarkable fabrics from Italy, Turkey and Far East could be seen in our company's 4 retail and 2 wholesale stores.

Olcay is quite distinctive from its competitors with the elegant raincoat designs that blend the conventional designs with the new styles.

Besides the domestic market, we are exporting our goods mainly to the U.S, Russia, Syria, Azerbaijan and Lebanon along with Ukraine, Belarus, Iraq, Palestine, Algeria, Germany and the Netherlands.